GREEN Filter Europe is pleased to announce its new development, the YAMAHA 700 RAPTOR.

This pre-filter will allow you to replace the cover of your air box in order to allow your engine to breathe.
Note that the Raptor 700 is powered by a 686 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, offering robust power and high torque.

This engine is renowned for its reliability and quick throttle response, making it a popular choice for quad enthusiasts.
This pre-filter will allow you to carry out pre-filtration and prevent large particles from blocking the main filter of your engine.
And this without any modification to the original air box.
GREEN Filter Europe also offers you the main filter for finer filtration in order to increase the reliability and increase the power of your Quad.
This could be an asset for its off-road versatility: whether for racing, off-road exploration or off-road adventures.

Offer the best for your Yamaha 700 Raptor, adopt for the GREEN Filter Europe solution