Filtre à air Kawasaki Z1000

 Kawasaki Z1000 2014-2016: Power and Design

GREEN Filter Europe is pleased to present its development for the legendary Kawasaki Z 1000 in all its SE, SE ABS versions, but also for the ZR 1000 ABS and the ZX 1000 Ninja ABS
The Kawasaki Z1000 has always been a symbol of raw power and aggressive design, and the models produced between 2014 and 2016 are no exception. With their intimidating looks and furious engines, these motorcycles embody the fearless spirit of sports roadsters. Let’s find out what these years have brought to this icon of the Kawasaki brand.
Design: A Masterpiece of Mechanical Bodybuilding
The Z1000’s design from this period is a bold mix of angular lines and futuristic details. Distinctive LED headlights, minimalist fascia and under-engine exhaust give the Z1000 a road presence that doesn’t go unnoticed. Metallic finishes and pops of color add a touch of sophistication to its muscular appearance.
Performance: Power and Agility in Perfect Harmony
Under the elegant fairing hides a 1043 cc in-line four-cylinder engine delivering explosive power. With its impressive performance at all revs, the Z1000 delivers blazing acceleration and instant throttle response. Agile handling and responsive suspension ensure an exciting driving experience, whether in tight corners or on straights.
This is why, in order to improve its engine approval and flexibility, you must offer it its GREEN Filter Europe air filter.