What is the difference between GREEN Filter Europe air filters and those on the market?


The GREEN Filter Europe air filter has one of the best performances without sacrificing the filtration thresholds. Indeed, we use a specially woven natural cotton filter media for this application, which brings one of the best filtration / pressure drop ratio. The other factor is the quality of the materials used and our expertise of more than 20 years.

Why buy GREEN Filter air filters?


Origin of the brand is French

Please note that the GREEN Filter Europe air filters are the original brand filters and that GREEN Filter, our brand, has been in existence since 1995. GREEN FILTER EUROPE has no affiliation to a possible copy of GREEN Filter USA or any other GREEN Filter brand contenders. The only manufacturing in France is located in the country of Oise.


Brand awareness GREEN FILTER

GREEN Filter Europe was selected by the largest Mechanical Sports Team and has accumulated several world and national titles in many categories. That is why we have to offer the best to our customers and we continue our developments in order to evolve this essential function for internal combustion engines, in ways th0at essentially offer you that the best with a manufacturing quality “Made in France”


Protection of your engine

Unlike our main competitors who use gauze, GREEN Filter Europe uses two layers of woven cotton juxtaposed and inserted between two layers of galvanized steel wire, coated with a layer of epoxy. This difference between the gauze and our cotton with natural fibers, is a stability of the weaving behavior. By this fact, the filter retains its filtering power and its permeability, which results in a constant performance.

Other important points it cannot in any way release its own fibers into your engine and you cannot alter it while maintaining the filter all this of course in reasonable proportions.


Quality, economy and sustainable development

The recognized quality of woven natural cotton allows a very long life if the maintenance is carried out optimally, which will make your investment sustainable and efficient.

The GREEN Filter Europe air filters also have a particularity related to its manufacturing process. Indeed, unlike most of our competitors our manufacturing method does not use the high-pressure injection process. You will notice that, at the periphery of our filters, between the filter media and the polyurethane seal, the cotton has virtually no resin lift due to excessive injection pressures. Moreover, GREEN Filter Europe has developed a very specific polyurethane resin with a thixotropic effect, which prevents the resin from rising in the filter media so that natural cotton, which has the particularity of absorbing liquids by the diffusion effect by capillary, do not impregnate and do not pollute. The development of this polyurethane resin thus avoids peripheral closure of the useful surface of the filter and provides maximum exchange of air in contact with the filtering medium.


Regarding the accessories of some GREEN Filter Europe air filters such as our universal air filters, we have opted for polished stainless steel or anodized aluminum parts. This choice is purely a concern for outfit and quality over time, so that you can enjoy the full satisfaction of our products.

As far as the economic value of using GREEN Filter Europe air filters is concerned, a so-called “original” filter is made of cellulose paper, which makes it uncleanable but also very permeable. As a result, this filter must be replaced on average between 20 000 and 40 000 km depending on the manufacturer, unlike our air filters, which are cleanable and reusable, 100 000 km warranty and it is not necessary to change with each emptying.

In addition to the price level, this has an obvious impact in terms of economy because it is necessary to count for an original air filter about 25 to 80 euros according to the brands for a single use, as our filters are sold on average between 50 and 85 euros per 100 000kms, which represents a first saving on the purchase of the product. Then, in view of the performance of filtration and pressure drop, “Airflow brake”, we bring a surplus on the efficiency of your engine, which results in fuel economy at equal speed. This is not without consequence in our time when we are experiencing a surge in petroleum products. The GREEN Filter Europe air filter obviously brings a certain interest to the driver of a vehicle on a daily basis and is not only intended for the competition vehicle.

How does the GREEN Filter Europe air filter work?


Our filters use a most common process: The use of a sieve represented by a natural woven cotton fibber and the addition of a specially elaborated oil in order to trap the fine particles of the order 3μ to 5 μm “0.003mm> 0.005mm” (which is the original threshold in the automotive sector). Moreover, our impregnating oil creates a positive magnetic charge (+), which results in an ionic bond with the wire mesh of the filter. This positive charge attracts the polluting particles entering the filter, which are negatively charged (-). This prevents the particles from clinging to the wire mesh of the filter and allows the cotton to remain optimal for a maximum air flow.

Is it necessary to oil the GREEN Filter Europe Air Filter on first use?


No! All our GREEN Filter Europe high-performance air filters are pre-oiled at the factory, allowing us to apply the right amount of oil in order to allow immediate use.

Where are the GREEN Filter Europe air filters manufactured?


All GREEN Filter Europe air filters are manufactured in our only factory in France, with French know-how and quality. An internal quality system ensures constant monitoring of our quality charter. Moreover, most of the key materials that compose the GREEN Filter Europe filter are manufactured in France.

Who uses GREEN Filter Europe air filters?


What makes our brand famous is that it is used by millions of users of our products for more than 20 years in a daily road use.

Used by the biggest sports teams in all the fields combined, World Rally Championship, 24 hours of Le Mans Auto and Moto, 24 hours all-terrain, Grand Raid including Paris-Dakar, Promotion Cup, Dragster, Drift, Karting, Quad (Cross and Sand) as well as in many other disciplines (Track asphalt and land).

How long is the GREEN Filter Europe air filter?


GREEN Filter Europe High Performance Air Filters are designed to last the full life of your vehicle and are covered by our first 100,000 km warranty. This service life and the effectiveness of your air filter will be related to its maintenance.

How often is the GREEN Filter Europe air cleaner serviced?


We recommend that you check and maintain your GREEN Filter Europe High Performance Air Filter between 7 000 and 10 000 km, this is a general rule. However, this frequency may vary depending on the environment and the seasons of use.

Example “There is less dust suspended in the air in rainy weather and much more in dry weather”.

It is for this that must be attentive to its condition, its green color will allow you to quickly notice its level of fouling.

What is the maintenance procedure for the GREEN Filter Europe air filter?


For the maintenance and efficiency of our filters, we recommend and recommend the use of our cleaning products.To do so we offer a solvent-free detergent and an impregnating oil.


First, use a receptacle to fit the size of your filter, then dilute the detergent with medium warm water (approx. 45 ° C) with a ratio of 1/5 (1 volume of detergent per volume of water).Use a soft brush paint brush to lightly rub in the folds of the filter on the polluted face, which is always opposite to the motor in the direction of the air flow.Allow the detergent to act for about 5 minutes in order to degrease the filter media.Then, rinse with hot clear water of about 45° in the opposite direction to the air flow, which will allow all the particles to be expelled.Then shake your filter to hunt the most water.

WARNING we do not recommend the use of high pressure air jet type blower, because the overpowered air jet could widen the weaving of the filter media and make your filter inoperative on its primary function of filtration. 

The best solution is natural drying or possibly near a heat source. WARNING not to put your filter on a radiator type or other material as this could be very dangerous for you or others.Once your dry filter is fitted with our GREEN Filter Europe oil sprayer and apply a uniform layer of oil, the cotton will absorb by capillarity the oil and the phenomenon of swelling of the fibers will be optimal.

WARNING Do not put too much oil, as all the surplus will be absorbed by your engine and this could have adverse consequences on certain electronic parts such as the hot wire meter or other mechanical parts. This may also affect the performance of your engine. 

The cotton after washing will lightly bleach and our oil is green this will allow you to have a visual level on the amount of application. After following this procedure your GREEN Filter Europe air filter will be ready for the best performance until the next maintenance.

WARNING please provide your personal protective equipment “EPI” type glove and glasses.

Can I use other cleaning products on my GREEN Filter Europe air filter?


Only GREEN Filter Europe products are approved for the maintenance of our air filters, the use of other cleaners or oils are not recommended and may void your air filter warranty.

How do I know if there is a GREEN Filter Europe filter for my vehicle?


You can download our catalog in PDF format to check if the filter exists.

You can also contact one of our distributors on your country or region by consulting the “distributor” page.

And if you did not have your answer you can contact us using the module “Contact” this will allow us to answer you on the possibility of assignment or even you develop it.

By the end of 2017 an intuitive search module will be set up on our site.

How can I get a GREEN Filter Europe Air Filter?


GREEN Filter Europe does not sell its products directly, we have decided to entrust this to our loyal distributors and resellers to bring you a closer and more adapted service. You can already consult the dealer nearest you by consulting the “distributor” page to obtain your filter “GREEN Filter Europe”.

What is the delivery time if my GREEN Filter Europe air filter is not available in stock?


We are a manufacturer, and we have only one production site located in France, by this fact we are very reactive on the deadlines. We give priority to processing our customer orders.

Can I make a custom filter at GREEN Filter Europe?


Yes! Because Impossible is not French. We have complete control of our process from design through the manufacture of our tools and production small, medium and large series. The great innovation at GREEN Filter Europe is the creation of a parameterization module that will allow you to determine your needs in terms of size, shape, socket dimensions and permissible power. But even more, we can offer you filter media to suit the environment of use. The cost will be in the standards without necessarily added value compared to the custom. We will make the customization to be carried by all with a mastery and an unparalleled reactivity among our competitors, because we made a considerable investment in the means of design.